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250 Savage Brass (Bag of 100)

250 Savage Brass (Bag of 100)

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Manufacturer: Captech International
UPC: 854591005964

The 250 Savage was introduced in 1915 by the Savage Arms Company. It was originally chambered for Savage Arms' Model 99 lever-action rifles and the 87gr. original load had an average velocity of 3000 feet per second. This gave it a very flat trajectory and great accuracy as well as a new name, 250-3000 Savage. Mostly refered to today as its original name, 250 Savage, it still works very well as a deer cartridge or even for varmints. It will even outperform most 30-30 Winchester loads. The 250 Savage is chambered in many old and newly manufactured firearms.

All specifications represent maximum dimensions.

Rim Thickness 0.0490"
Rim Diameter 0.4730"
Wall Thickness 0.0155"
Case Length 1.8710"

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Thanks for this quality brass

Alvin N - 03/14/2016

This brass is 19 grains heavier than other manufacturers. Wonderful quality, and handles near max loads very well. Approach near max loads with caution. I have used some of this brass over five time now and it looks like it will go several more reloading ...

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